Coconut Oil Mill Plant

Coconut is a tropical woody oil plant of the Palmae. Copra can be produced through drying the coconut flesh. When the moisture content of copra reduces to 6% – 10%, it contains the copra fat of 57% – 75%. Traditional press method can be used to extract coconut oil and the coconut cake produced after extraction can be used as animal feed. Coconut flesh can also be processed into coconut powder, dried coconut and other food.

Copra oil mill plant mainly includes three processes: the pretreatment of oil, extracting and refining.
Pretreatment process:
Copra→cleaning→crushing→steaming and frying→ pre-pressing→ twice pressing→crude oil
Refining process:
Crude oil of copra→ filtering→ phosphoric acid degumming→deacidification→decolorization→deodorization→refined oil product
Coconut oil mill plant mainly includes crushing section, steaming and stir frying section, extracting section, degumming section, deacidification section, decoloration section and deodorization section.
Copra moisture: it should be controlled in 7%-10%, otherwise it is not conducive to oil extraction.
Coconut oil mill plant has the following advantages:1.With low energy consumption and long service life to maximize the profit of customers;
2.To minimize the loss of oil, improve oil yield, improve production quality and improve the quality of oil and meal.