When the oil press has been used for more than five years, the failure rate will rise 10% to 15%; after using for more than 10 years, the rate will rise 50% to 80%. The oil press used for more than 10 years has became the overage oil press, then parts aging, line aging, large consumption, low yield efficiency and slow pressing speed would be shown after the prescribed time, and long-term use and improper storage of oil press would lead to corrosion of oil press with some potential safety problems, only replace the oil press can ensure you better oil pressing and benefits.

Then how to prolong the service life of oil press in normal use?
1, Clean up the cake on the screw of oil press at the end of the work, making preparations for the next oil extraction and also to avoid crash and stuck situation in oil extraction, affecting the service life of the oil press.
2, At the work end of each shift, the internal and external of oil press need to be cleaned and disinfected, especially the oil dirt on oil press.
3, Ensure the regular break of oil press and avoid continuous running for a long time. After 50 hours working, the operator should stop and check the lubrication of oil press. The oil cup of reducer shall not be short of oil or less than 1/2, and fill butter. It is strictly prohibited for dry grinding.
4, When the yield efficiency is low, the cake is not normal or abnormal processing of oil press appears, the operator need to take out the screw shaft and check the wear condition of press screw, pressing bar and the cake outlet ring. The wear parts should be replaced timely. 5, If oil press is not used within a month, the operator should make a complete maintenance and unpick, wash and oil the pressing screw, pressing bar and cake outlet ring, then place them in a cool and dry place.
6, Prevent dust and other impurities in each lubricating parts and check the oil quality of reducer every three month.
7, The operation technique has the most impact on the service life of oil press, so when in use of oil press, users should use scientific and standardized technique of operation.

Most importantly, customers should choose qualified oil press manufacturers and check the design and manufacture process and material of the oil press. Users had better make test running of oil press in the factory when buying oil press equipment.