The Cooking oil mill plant design contains two parts, process design and non-process design (civil engineering, utility design). As the process design is based on oil mill plant products and production capacity, to select the production processes and production methods, balance materials, configure equipments, and estimate water, electricity and steam consumptions, so the process design is good or bad, directly affects the rationality of the whole plant production and technology, and has close relations with construction costs, and also the product quality and cost, etc. The process design is the basic data of civil and utility design, therefore it plays an important role in the design of the whole project.
1. Process design
a. Determinations for product scheme, product specifications and production capacity ;
b. Determinations for technological process of the major products and comprehensive utilization products;
c. Workshop process equipment selection;
d. Estimations for workshop area each section and design for workshop equipment layout plan;
e. Configuration for changing room, disinfection facilities and so on;
f. Piping calculation and design;
g. Requirements for drainage properties, flow calculation and wastewater treatments of workshop;
h. Calculation for various storage area and requirements for storage temperature, humidity, ventilation and sanitary;
i. Provide the basis of analysis for necessary unit consumption of raw materials and auxiliary materials, unit energy consumption and workers numbers.
2. Non-process design (civil engineering, utility design)
Oil mill plant non-process design including: Design the general layout, building, structure, water supply and drainage, power supply, automatic control, conditioning of heating, ventilation and air, thermal power, and environmental protection. Provide the investment budget estimate and techno-economic analysis in accordance with the design stage and also the equipment design in necessity. Non-process is designed according to the process design requirements and the proposed date that need mutual cooperation and coordination.