How to start a cooking oil mill plant

  The Cooking oil mill plant design contains two parts, process design and non-process design (civil engineering, utility design). As the process design is based on oil mill plant products and production capacity, to select the production processes and production methods, balance materials, configure equipments, and estimate water, electricity and steam consumptions, so the process design is […]

How to prolong the service life of oil press

When the oil press has been used for more than five years, the failure rate will rise 10% to 15%; after using for more than 10 years, the rate will rise 50% to 80%. The oil press used for more than 10 years has became the overage oil press, then parts aging, line aging, large consumption, low […]

The technology of vegetable oil extraction

Extract oil by pressing is a traditional method of vegetable oil extraction. With the development of oil extraction technology, three types of oil extraction methods are created from manpower press, hydraulic press to screw oil press. The widely used oil machine today is the screw oil press, and the hydraulic oil press is still in […]

Peanut oil pressing technology

Peanut kernel contains 40-50% of oil, which is often extracted by pressing of peanut kernels. The pretreatment process, therefore, must through cleaning, shelling and kernel shell separation process. The subsequent process is similar to soybean hot pressing method. Due to the high oil content and soft nature of peanut kernel, prepressing – extraction or double […]

New progress in oil refining process

In the past ten years, edible oil refining develops rapidly and has become an important industry. Because of the low price of the crude oil and refined oil, the profit margin of the refinery is quite small. Production costs have increasingly determine the profitability of refineries. In addition, an increasing number of environmental protection policies are forcing […]

Cold pressing rapeseed oil extraction process

Cold pressing oil extraction can keep the physiological active substances contained in rapeseed and avoid harmful substances caused by degeneration of oil, protein, carbohydrate and lipoid in the process of high temperature pressing. Rapeseed, especially double-low rapeseed, contains abundant α – tocopherol and phytosterol. These active ingredients have a certain degree of heat-sensitive, which can be fully […]