Oil Seeds Roasting Machine

Oil Seeds Roasting Machine

The oilseeds roasting machine can be used for roasting many kinds of oil plant seeds such as cotton seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds. It is manual control of electromagnetic heating equipment.

Oil Seeds Rotary Roaster Application and Features

1.The roast machine is suitable for small and medium-sized oil plants. It is widely used not only in pre-processing oilseeds but also roasting many kinds of snack food.
2.Equipped with advanced rotary drum structure and carbon steel material, the machine works in a totally closed environment and produces sanitary oilseeds.
3.During working procedure, the temperature is adjustable depending on different oil seeds requirements.
4.Its motive power is optional to electricity, diesel, coal, etc.

Rotary Roaster Advantages

The machine has many strong points such as saving energy, convenient to operate, stable performance, low running cost, etc; this is applied to both domestic and oil plant use. To satisfy large capacity cooking seeds requirements, we offer the vertical steam roasting machine.

Rotary Roaster Working Principle

The closed rotary roaster is an important auxiliary device in oil pressing. It makes use of the vapor created by the oilseeds to evaporate and cook the seeds, so that soften the plant cellulose and prevent the oil seeds from carbonization caused by high temperature. This process will reduce the amount of residue and improve the oil output. During cooking, the machine can control the same oilseeds, and people will not worry about over-cooking.