Castor Oil Production Plant

Castor Oil Production Plant Castor Oil Production, Extraction, Filtration, Purification & Refining Introduction: 1.Pretreatment process: Castor→cleaning→stones removal→magnetic selection→cracking→softening→flaking→cooking→to oil press/extraction. 2.Extraction process: Castor oil cake→extraction with solvent→mixed oil→evaporation→evaporation→steam-stripping→crude oil. 3. Refining Process The complete edible oil refining process mainly includes filtration, degumming, deacidification, vacuum dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and polishing filtration. Advantage of Castor Oil Mill […]

Flaxseed Oil Production Plant

Flaxseed Oil Production Plant For pre-treatment section, it may need cleaning sieve, destoning machine, crusher, flaker, cooker and others. For pre-pressing and extraction section, the oil milling machinery is indispensable. It can small screw oil presss, integrated oil extraction machine and large oil extraction press. As for oil refining sector, it demands oil filters, like […]

Peanut Oil Production Plant

Peanut Oil Production Plant There are 4 main processes for starting a complete peanut oil production line: peanut seeds cleaning, shelling, cooking and oil extraction. The purpose of cleaning, shelling and cooking is to facilitate oil extraction and improve oil yield and quality. Storage ​There is generally not much investment for seeds storage in small groundnut oil […]

Rapeseed Oil Production Plant

Rapeseed Oil Production Plant Rapeseed oil production process is a complicated process.The first step in processing canola and rapeseed is to properly prepare the seed for oil removal.The first step in rapeseed oil production is to make oil by pressing or solvent extracting.The finally step in rapeseed oil production is to get the high-grade cooking […]

Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant Rice bran oil mill plant includes pretreatment, extraction and refining process to get edible oil. Rice bran is the by-product of rice milling, the oil contents are different due to the different varieties and difference in the number of inclusions in rice bran, which is usually 12% – 20%. Rice […]

Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

Sunflower Oil Mill Plant Sunflower oil mill plant, It adopts the most advanced technology to produce the sunflower seed oil of best quality. Sunflower oil is golden with refreshing texture. It contains vitamin A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The basic processes are: pretreatment–pre press–extracting — refining. The pretreatment process: […]

Coconut Oil Mill Plant

Coconut Oil Mill Plant Coconut is a tropical woody oil plant of the Palmae. Copra can be produced through drying the coconut flesh. When the moisture content of copra reduces to 6% – 10%, it contains the copra fat of 57% – 75%. Traditional press method can be used to extract coconut oil and the […]

Soybean Oil Mill Plant

Soybean Oil Mill Plant Soybean is an annual herbaceous plant and its yield is about 50% of the world total production of oil plants. The main producing countries of soybean are the United States, Brazil, Argentina and China. The oil content of soybean is about 18%. Pretreatment process: Soybean—cleaning—crushing–softening–flaking—drying–leaching Leaching process:         […]

Palm Oil Mill Plant

Palm Oil Mill Plant Palm fruit oil mill plant adopts the most advanced technology from the palm fruit oil extraction to refining fractionation and palm kernel refining production line. Palm oil and palm kernel oil mill plant process: 1.Weighing: the palm fruit should go through the weighbridge for weighing before being transported  into the factory […]